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Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Introducing -

SergeWav -

الشمس - Alshams

"Hey, how are you?

Hi I'm fine. I have been looking forward to engaging in your media. so I'm super excited and happy to be a part of this.

Which artist first made a lasting impression on you?

  • I've always looked up to Michael Jackon's ability to create a show. thus he is probably one of the artists who has made the biggest impression on me

What’s your earliest memory of making music?

  • I remember that as a child I always dressed up and played the piano. This is probably one of the clearest memories I have of music in my life from childhood

Which artists do you draw most inspiration from today?

  • I have always been inspired by many different artists from all sorts of different genres. From the pop universe I am inspired by everything from Michael Jackson to John Legend and many more and in the hip hop genre I have always felt inspired by people like Lil Tjay, Post Malone, G-eazy and many more.

How else do you find inspiration for your music?

  • My music comes to the world through experiences and experiences I make in life over time. My inspiration comes from my surroundings and the circumstances that follow.

What do you love about your local music scene?

  • The local music scene is particularly characterized by a youth culture that will go a long way for up-and-coming artists. therefore I see the local music scene as being very useful prior to achieving success as an independent artist

What would you say is the perfect setting for listeners to enjoy your sound?

  • My music is for all people and does not limit itself in terms of age, gender, religion or anything else. My music is expressed by describing everyday problems and conveying it in such a way that everyone can join in. It is important to me that everyone can enjoy my music, as I only want to spread love and community through my music

How has your own style and sound evolved since you started out?

  • I have experimented a lot with my sound, and now feel that I have found who I am as an artist and from this which vibe I go with. With that said, it doesn't mean that my sound won't change over time, because it will. I have previously tried my hand at the sing and songwriter genre, the Trap genre and also tried to combine the two parts. Over time, I have found a golden mean where I feel comfortable

As a self-taught musician and producer, how do you think that influences you crafting a unique sound?

  • It has definitely helped me that I can produce my own music. In practice, this means that I can start on my ideas without being bound by others, and later I will then jointly with my team complete the ideas I have started on myself. It has also benefited me greatly that I can play instruments. Especially for my producing self. Precisely this has made it easier for me to make fast beats that I can later convey through lyrics and language.

How did you feel or experience making your new album?

  • It has been very borderline-breaking to have to release something as personal as a piece of music to the public where everyone can basically say whatever they think. However, I have been thinking more about the positive things that can come out of this. I take the project as a journey that has only just begun and I look forward to seeing how it will develop over time.

What message did you want to get across with this release?

  • The song is called الشمس - Alshams and means sun in Arabic. The song is a love song which basically describes a relationship between two people. The song does not imply a specific message, but still manages to shed light on topics such as love, togetherness and challenges.

What artist have you been listening to most recently?

  • Lately I've been listening to a lot of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Lil nas X and Kendrick Lamar.

What’s the main thing you want people to get out of listening to your music?

  • the purpose of my music is to create a universe where everyone can join. The universe will be changing from song to song, but will contain different emotions and moods that everyone can get used to. The songs must ultimately be understood in such a way that you can see the song from your own perspective.

What’s been your favourite live performance so far?

  • I was recently at Roskilde Festival where I saw Burna Boy perform. I found this particularly good as I felt that his whole performance was top class, in addition you also felt that the whole vibe was made to perfection. It was a big afro beat universe.

Who would be 3 artists to headline your dream festival? And where would it be?

If I had to choose 3 artists to headline my dream music festival, it would probably be G-eazy, Justin Bieber and Drake. But there could also be many other artists on that list. I actually change my favorite artists day by day.

Do you have any advice for a new artist wanting to follow your footsteps?

  • As I myself am very new to the game, it is limited how much advice I can give yet. But a very central point that I already know on my journey is important, so it is clear that you should create a network and a team that wants to promote your music together with you. It is indeed difficult to achieve success as an artist alone because there are so many aspects you have to manage.

Finally, what do you have lined up for the rest of 2023?

-for the rest of 2023 I need to release a few singles, I need to establish a stable fan base, and then just shoot a lot of content so that I can become a known face on the outside. I have a lot of smaller goals like getting 10k streams on a song, gaining respect through the radios, and generally just being successful with the project. So for the rest of 2023 there will be a lot more coming from me.

*The following is a translation into English from Danish

At first glance, "SergeWav - الشمس - Alshams" appears to be a poignant reflection on relationships, light, and self-awareness. The themes are interwoven meticulously, exuding both pain and hope.

The opening lines, *"It cuts me / When you shine in my eyes and I must / Teach yourself to calm down"*, beautifully juxtapose the allure and pain of being close to someone radiant. It’s a reminder that brilliance, while enchanting, can be overwhelming. These lines serve as a contemplation on one's ability to handle the intensity of another's presence and the necessity of establishing boundaries.

The subsequent lines, *"It happens when / When you rest in yourself / And I can / Fly freely in your mind"*, give listeners a glimpse of tranquility. They paint a vivid image of two souls coexisting harmoniously, with one finding solace in the other's presence.

Drawing parallels between celestial bodies and human emotions, the lyrics *"When you fly like the moon / But you fall like a drop from my cheek"* are particularly evocative. This pairing captures the song's essence: the duality of human emotions. The vastness of our love and ambitions, represented by the moon, can sometimes be as fleeting and fragile as a teardrop.

The bridge, centered on the phrase *"When you can't be here"*, is a heart-wrenching reminder of distance and separation, yet it doesn't linger in sorrow. Instead, the song crafts a path of optimism with *"But we find our way through the fog / And you know I can promise it / Because what we have is very special."* This is a testament to resilience and the unique bond shared by the duo, suggesting that despite challenges, their connection remains unbroken.

The concluding line, *"So I shout"*, hints at a declaration or confession yet to be made. It keeps the listeners on edge, wondering what could be so pivotal that it deserves such a vocal proclamation.

Musically, one can only imagine the depth of the instrumental background that would accompany such lyrical depth, but even as a standalone, the lyrics of "Serge - Alshams" are potent, emotive, and profoundly resonant. This track is bound to resonate with anyone who has experienced the complexities of a deep emotional connection.

From the very first note of "Serge - Alshams," listeners are transported to a realm that feels ethereal, almost otherworldly. The melody is one of profound beauty, as if the heavens themselves have graced us with a piece of their artistry.

The vocalist possesses a voice that is nothing short of angelic. Each note is sung with a delicate purity that is rarely heard in the realm of earthly music. As the song unfolds, it’s almost as if an angel has descended to share a serenade of love, longing, and hope. The tonal quality of the voice is crystalline, shimmering in its metallic octaves and resonating deeply in its lower tones.

Instrumentally, the song is subtle yet captivating. Summer guitars and danceable rhythm accompany the angelic and metallic voice, creating an ambiance that's both serene and awe-inspiring. There's a gentleness to the arrangement, allowing the vocals to remain at the forefront, enveloping the listener in a warm embrace of sound.

Lyrically, "Serge - Alshams" speaks of timeless themes – love that transcends the mortal realm, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the ethereal beauty of existence. The lyrics are poetic, flowing seamlessly from one line to the next, creating vivid imagery that complements the divine nature of the song.

The bridge of the song is particularly moving. Here, the vocals soar even higher, pushing the boundaries of what one might have believed possible. It's a breathtaking moment that feels like a crescendo of divine emotion, culminating in a soft, reverent emotion that grounds the song once more.

Closing one's eyes while listening to "Serge - Alshams" brings forth images of vast, starry skies, gentle breezes, and the comforting embrace of something greater than oneself. It's a reminder that music, in its purest form, has the power to connect us to the divine.

"Serge - Alshams" isn't just a song; it's an experience. One that reminds us of the beauty that exists beyond our understanding, and the gift that is angelic artistry. This track is more than deserving of its place among the timeless classics that touch the very soul of humanity.

Original Lyrics in the Original Language


Det skær mig

Når du skinner i mine øjen og jeg må

Belær dig lidt ro

Det sker når

Når du hviler i dig selv

Og jeg kan

Flyve frit i dit sind

Når du flyver ligesom månen

Men du falder som en dråb fra min kind

Når du ik kan være her

Men vi finder vej i tågen

Og du ved at jeg ka Love det

For det vi har er helt specielt

Så jeg råber


Uh la la la

For du sender skarpe stråler til mig

Uh la la la

Yea yea

Uh la la la

For du varmen alle stråler efter

uh la la

Alshamso mit sind

Vers 2

Hvad sker der

Det som at alting falder fra hinanden

Vibrerer du også selv lidt tit

Jeg mærker

Selv de mindste slag kan gøre mig helt kranit

Og d r Faktisk ret tit it it

Men selvom alting virker fjovet

Er det os der styret showet hver dag

Med de ting som vi gør

Og selvom dage ik er lange

Var d tiden vi sku fange

Den dag du blev min

For tiden råber


Uh la la la

For du sender skarpe stråler til mig

Uh la la la

Uh la la la

For du varmen alle stråler efter

uh la la

Alshamso mit sind

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