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**Review of "Cruisin'"**

From the first notes of "Cruisin'", listeners are immediately whisked away on a serene auditory journey. There's a calmness and ease to the track, reflective of a laid-back Sunday drive or a slow sunset on a warm evening.

The blend of dreamy synths seamlessly intertwines with the warmth of acoustic drums, creating a harmonious soundscape that's both nostalgic and contemporary. It's a refreshing juxtaposition that proves masterful sound design transcends genre and era. The synths have an ethereal quality, hovering and shimmering in a way that evokes the sensation of floating, or perhaps gently drifting down a peaceful river. The melody they spin is hypnotic, weaving a lullaby for the modern age.

Yet, it’s the acoustic drums that ground "Cruisin'". They add a palpable texture and depth to the song. The drums' organic tone contrasts with the celestial synths, bringing a humanity to the track. Each beat feels handcrafted, reminiscent of the tactile sensation of a heartbeat or a comforting pat on the back.

Thematically, "Cruisin'" seems to be more than just a song about leisurely journeys. It's about embracing the moment, savoring the present, and allowing oneself to be carried by the waves of time. There's a quiet confidence in the production and a reassuring embrace in its rhythm. It whispers to listeners, "Everything's going to be okay."

In an age where songs often clamor for attention with aggressive drops and explosive choruses, "Cruisin'" takes the scenic route. It's a reminder that sometimes, the most profound statements are whispered, not shouted.

All in all, "Cruisin'" is a transportive track, a modern lullaby for those seeking solace in sound. It invites listeners to take a break, recline, and simply... cruise. A perfect anthem for the moments when we choose to drift rather than drive.

Hey, how are you? Doing good. Hope you are well, and thank you for this opportunity

Which artist first made a lasting impression on you? The Dave Matthews Band has had the biggest impact on my life.

What’s your earliest memory of making music? Playing trumpet in my middle school marching band.

Which artists do you draw most inspiration from today? Good question, Victor Wooten. From him I learned that music is a language. And through the use of that Language, you can tell any kind of story you want

How else do you find inspiration for your music? I find inspiration from my life experiences. And experiencing others people’s art; music or a movie or whatever it may be.

What do you love about your local music scene? I love that in the digital world my “Local” music scene can be anywhere I want it to be. I love that I can find my audience anywhere in the world now, and not just limited to my local area.

What would you say is the perfect setting for listeners to enjoy your sound? Every time I listen to “Crusin” I always imagine I am taking a car trip somewhere fun, or at a BBQ with people I care about. Lounging around having a nice drink and chilling. Any environment when you wanna chillout is the perfect setting.

How has your own style and sound evolved since you started out? I feel like I am just getting started so every moment I am creating, I am evolving, growing, and learning.

As a self-taught musician and producer, how do you think that influences you crafting a unique sound? Its taught me to trust my ears and trust my process. It’s taught me its ok if I don’t have a signature sound yet, the more I create the more that may become possible. The most important thing is I am creating, and developing as an artist.

How did you feel or experience making your new album? I feel like I am developing as an artist. From my first song “Lush” to “Crusin” I can hear that my production is improving

What message did you want to get across with this release? Enjoy life. However, and whatever brings you joy, do it while listening to “Crusin”

What artist have you been listening to most recently? I’ve been listening to Royal T a rapper based out of Atlanta, we worked on a track together called “All we have is now (Lullaby)” Lullaby. After working together, I became a fan of his flow and delivery and have been diving into his catalog.

What’s the main thing you want people to get out of listening to your music? Joy, I hope the song brings them joy.

What’s been your favorite live performance so far?

Who would be 3 artists to headline your dream festival? And where would it be? It would be located at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco California, and it would include The Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, and since this a dream festival BrokenT.

Do you have any advice for a new artist wanting to follow your footsteps?

If you have the bug to create, create! Get started today. Don’t get bogged down thinking you need a certain DAW or Plug-in to get started. Most of the DAWS today have everything you need to get started in them. It’s just waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to try, as long as you are trying you are a success.

Finally, what do you have lined up for the rest of 2023? More Music. One of my goals is to be consistent with my releases and keep pushing myself.

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