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**Review for "Last Night" - A Chill House Odyssey**

From the moment "Last Night" graces your ears, there's an ethereal feeling that transcends the confines of the everyday, plunging you into a world where memories are as vivid as the present and dreams blend seamlessly with reality.

The track unravels like a cherished memory – perhaps of a rooftop rendezvous under the stars or a quiet evening walk where the world felt perfectly at peace. The smooth beats, akin to a steady heartbeat, give life to this audial journey while the subtle undertones and intricate layers of soundscapes create a rich tapestry of emotions. It’s a track that doesn’t just play in the background, but becomes the very essence of the moment.

Listening to "Last Night" is an experience of warmth and nostalgia. There's an intimacy to the sound that feels as if the artist is whispering secrets of a time gone by directly to your soul. It's the musical embodiment of a cherished photograph or a letter from a loved one.

As the track progresses, the melodic whispers and pulsating rhythms gently entwine, evoking images of silhouettes dancing in the dim light, of the tranquil solitude of the night.

What sets "Last Night" apart is its innate ability to resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level. Regardless of where you are or who you're with, it has this uncanny knack for making you feel like you're right back in that magical moment from your past.

In today’s world, where the noise can often be overwhelming, "Last Night" stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the depth of emotion that can be conveyed through music. It's a gentle reminder of the transient nature of moments, urging us to cherish the present, revel in our memories, and always keep our hearts open to the magic that surrounds us.

"Last Night" isn’t just a song; it's a journey. A journey back to that unforgettable evening, to that first dance, to that silent promise made under the canopy of stars. A journey that reminds us all – amidst the hustle and bustle – of the profound beauty of the quiet moments in between.


1. Background and Inspiration

- I actually started making trap beats when I was in college, but I felt that it was an oversaturated market. I switched to house music, but I do not know the main reason. I think it just kind of happened.

- I don’t think I have a specific artist who influences me. I listen to a lot of different genres of music. I listen to rap, metal, country, ambient, and others. To me, good music is good music doesn’t matter the genre. So my influence is probably any of them. - The essence of chill vibes to me is a slower tempo, reverb, and a hypnotic beat.

2. Production and creativity

- I usually start with a sample, usually a vocal sample, or one I have created, then I go from there with the key of the song.

- I don’t specifically have rituals, but what i figured out is being consistent and disciplined to keep practicing is what works best. I go on walks frequently, I believe those are what keep me creative.

- Some samples I find through splice, tik tok, instagram, or remixing other songs. It just happens naturally.

- Some software I use is: Fl Studio, Serum, Splice, and that’s about it. I would love others, but music production is not cheap.

3. Technical Aspects

- I don’t think adding groove gets rid of the chill vibe in house music. The groove is what makes house music. So I wouldn’t sacrifice the groove.

- I prefer digital equipment because it’s all I have, but I have worked with analog equipment before.

- I approach sound design randomly. Sometimes I use a preset, sometimes I use samples, and sometimes I use my own sound production. Whatever I think fits the song the best.

4. Collaborations & Industry

- I’ve been listening to a lot of Mochakk lately so that is someone who I would like to collaborate with. Then some of the OG’s like chris lake, fisher, john summit, and some of those.

- I feel a lot of old school vibes are coming back to chill house and a lot of funk elements as of recently.

- I feel the only EDM hits that go viral are usually pop remixes or pop influenced songs. Not personally my type of vibe.

5. Live Shows & Performances

- The crowd is more important to a live show, if your set isn’t recorded, so it depends on the crowd that influences the atmosphere

- Considering I’ve only had one live performance, I’d say that is the most memorable - It’s the crowd. Watching the crowd is the best way to know what tracks to play and where to go with your next song.

6. Personal & Miscellaneous

- I do other things than music. I paint, draw, graphic design, and play a couple of instruments. It gives me a break from producing.

- It depends what mood I’m in. Not every track I make is going to be a chilled laid back track

- Being disciplined and consistent is the best way to get better at any craft, not just producing music.

7. Listening Recommendations

- As of recently it would be: Respirando by Mochakk (vip mix), Be Real by Kolter, and Untitled A - Sam Reshape by S.O.N

- Djibouti, Lemtom, and Me of course

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