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Hey, how are you?

Today I'm actually doing pretty good, just got off of a flight from Baltimore MD.Lots of inspiration from sight seeing that's for sure.

Which artist first made a deep and long-lasting impression on you?

That's a difficult answer actually, because I have so many ranges of artists that are completely different from one another but still inspire me in various different ways. Plus, I'm always going through phases of interests it seems... But if I had to choose it definitely be, Ic3peak and Arca.

What’s your earliest memory of making music?

Let's see, I did violin and guitar in high-school so, that was more of a physical instrument aspect of learning. I didn't really begin making the music I do now until about late 2019, using this really cool (but dinky) app called remix live.Really, was a grimes fan at the time and loved how easy it was to make rave and techno tracks on there.

Which artists do you draw most inspiration from today?

Mareux, Sevdaliza, Boy Harsher and Chynna Rodgers. They encapsulate, Mystery, resilience and beauty.

How else do you find inspiration for your music?

Literally. From everything. I could be walking outside and hear a car honk a certain (way) and I'm straight back to the computer. Although, to truly be honest, visuals and art are my main source to create a "sound" to go with (what) I'm seeing.

What do you love about your local music scene?

If I had one, haha I would love it. Not much where I'm from in, Amarillo, Texas.

What would you say is the perfect setting for listeners to enjoy your sound?

Hmm...I think if a listener of mine was just having alone time...Thinking about memories or just relaxing having time to themselves is a good setting. Most of my vocals are quiet or subtle while I try to mostly put the instruments up front so the audience can hear either the grainy textures, atmospheres or reverb. I want listeners to have a reflect moment when they listen...And appreciate the lyrics too. Like maybe they might relate and keep listening.

How has your own style and sound evolved since you started out?

Oh man, I've switched and turned around on what to do so many times! I think it's evolved enough to the point where I can finally say I have a pretty decent image and sound going, that is cohesive enough and that I'm happy with. Before, I think I was just wanting to see what sounded and felt right in the creative process.

As a self-taught musician and producer, how do you think that influences you crafting an original sound?

It's pretty important to me. Individuality in a world of over saturation and copy catting can be very discouraging, for every party involved to be honest...It makes creators lose genuine creativity and the people consuming it do as well to appreciate artistic diversity. in a sense...I don't know. It's drastically made me on purpose do things that are not deemed "accessible" for curators, and playlists because I know there are incredible artist and bands out there that just make impeccable music and never really(give)the time of day because it's not aesthetically pleasing to (the)app or for a 10 second clip.

How did you feel or experience making your new album?

I was feeling such relief in a sense that, dang it I finally was excited and not bouncing on a loose idea of sound or concept. I really enjoyed making it and seeing it come together, visually and sonically.

What message did you want to get across with this release?

Well. I suppose I just want people to listen and just remember it's ok to reflect on life if things didn't work out, with some tracks that will be out, there will be a fantasy/dark humor aspect to it as well, so I want them to kinda have (a) laugh with it too. Invest in their inner edge lord like the track, Вурдалак. The whole point of the song is that some people are absolutle vampires in your life and paint everything black around them. Definitely some metaphor play I guess.

What artist have you been listening to most recently?

Closed Tear, Blood Cultures and TR/ST

What’s the main thing you want people to get out of listening to your music? I want people listening to hear there is newness and freshness in music right now. Things don't always have to a have millions streams to add value. Or have something sexual about it....It can be unique and give something back. That's how I create in the first place. Like I'm inspired by others sure, but I try to make it original.I always want people listening to be reminded it's ok to have a moody side... Embrace a new side of sound.

What’s been your favourite live performance so far?

Bring the Horizon in Dallas. That was a ethereal, rock mash, spectacle. Every single band member you can tell loved being there, the quality also of the crowd was freaking awesome. If you fell in the pit they picked up. Great, great time.

Who would be 3 artists to headline your dream festival?

And where would it be? Closed Tear, Tr/st and Fee Lion. (Glasgow)

Do you have any advice for a new artist wanting to follow your footsteps? I would say, try not to put so much weight on the outcome of what music will/might give you. Just enjoy the process and stay creative. You really can learn and grow with others that way. And it keeps the fun with continuing making music.

Finally, what do you have lined up for the rest of 2023?

The Ep I have planned is coming out the 1st of August with some old more popular tracks and new ones too...So I think after that's out, I'm going to take some focus off of music and get back to other creative endeavors and enjoy life for a little bit. Warm regards, Faith.


This new single, Вурдалак (Ghoul), has a ghost vibe and my mind is melting the same way an ice cube does on a cement street in summer. Listening to this song makes me remember that having ears is a special type of godsend reserved for the very lucky. First thing that seduces me in the track,

heavy tremolo pedal kick starts and spices up the instrumental feeding an interstellar pad type velvety smash of sound.

While slowly infiltrating the harmonic sequences, the soft melody pierces through in that sweet spot of EQ and reverb flutters.

The nostalgic eighties drum machine is hitting us in the feels. There’s a sweet sassy bass with nice delay frequencies giving me goosebumps.

It is a song both retro, and freshly emotional. While listening, I relinquish my reality to go into this sonic universe

meant to envelope the textures we remember from some party nights. Soul is exactly what I’m feeling as I surf through never letting go of this melody.

Maybe I’m soul searching reflections in this song, but it reminds me of an authentic message from another sonic perspective of the Rubik’s cube that is this mysterious new world. I woke up the next day in a dream state. Still feeling this one. Listen below.

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