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Penthouse de Cannes

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

On vous donne rendez-vous le 23 Octobre de 18h à 2h dans un lieu d'exception sur un des plus beaux penthouse de Cannes ! Retrouvez-nous pour faire la fête, profiter de la musique et du coucher de soleil avec une vue imprenable sur la baie de Cannes 🌅

🎫 PAF EARLY : 20€


Chaque billet d'entrée comprend un verre offert et un accès au buffet dinatoire

⚠️ Plus d'entrées sur place après minuit

⚠️ Nombre de places limité

A Night of Good Souls and Dark Techno in Cannes

This summer, the glimmering coastline of Cannes is set to host a remarkable fusion of good souls and pulsating dark techno, as we present this event – a party that promises an unforgettable amalgamation of summer vibes and musical ecstasy! Set against the enchanting backdrop of Cannes, known for its sun-kissed beaches and cinematic elegance, this event is bound to be a thrilling addition to your summer memories.

As the sun sets, casting a golden glow on the serene waters, this party will come alive with a cadre of good souls gathering to celebrate life, music, and the spirit of summer. The air will be infused with the harmonious laughter and the collective energy of people who share a love for immersive experiences and genuine connections.

Let the dark techno beats guide your every move as internationally acclaimed DJs take over the decks, weaving a sonic tapestry that resonates with the rhythm of the night. The pulsating bass, hypnotic melodies, and ethereal soundscapes of dark techno will transcend the boundaries of the ordinary, transporting you to a realm of musical nirvana.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as the party unfolds under the starlit sky of Cannes, where the summer vibes are as captivating as the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Dance the night away on the sands that have witnessed timeless tales, and create your own story amidst the rhythm of celestial beats and the company of good souls.

Be part of a gathering that goes beyond the ordinary party experience –this party is an event that celebrates the unity of diverse spirits, the allure of dark techno, and the timeless charm of summer in Cannes. Whether you’re a seasoned party-goer or a seeker of unique experiences, this event is crafted for those who appreciate the beauty of the moment and the joy of genuine connections.

Don’t let the summer pass you by without being part of this mesmerizing celebration. Buy your tickets to this party and join us in Cannes for a night of good souls, dark techno, and unforgettable summer vibes! Let the music move you, the energy uplift you, and the beauty of Cannes enchant you, as you dance under the stars with fellow good souls.

This is more than just a party; it’s a celebration of life, music, and the enchanting summer that only Cannes can offer. Secure your spot and be part of a night that promises to leave a lasting imprint on your soul. Summer, good souls, dark techno, and Cannes await you – buy your tickets now and let the celestial rhythms guide your way!

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